1945 Chateau Yon Figeac
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1945 Chateau Yon Figeac 750 ml
St Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France

*Great bottle fill, high shoulder.  Lightly stained label.  Two splits in wax seal. Actual bottle pictured.

*Tasting note:  Michael Broadbent MW, Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine: Fifty Years of Tasting Three Centuries of Wines, "[1945 was] Arguably one of the greatest vintages of the 20th century, and in my opinion eclipsing the 1961. An early harvest yielded magnificent, long-lasting wines of the highest quality. The very small crop size was the result of severe frosts in May, when the vines were literally nipped in the bud. The wines' exceptional ripeness, concentration and power were due to a summer of drought and excessive heat. The vines and the winemaking also benefited - though it may not have been appreciated at the time - from some fortuitous circumstances: first, old, or at least fully mature, vine stock as there had been little replanting during the war; second, traditional winemaking methods. New oak barrels were a thing of the future as was the influence of the consultant oenologist. The best, and best kept, are still superb. I think I was born and entered the wine trade at the right time for I see I have over 200 notes covering a wide range of châteaux of this great vintage."

  • Size: 750 ml
  • Vintage: 1945
  • Manufacturer: Yon Figeac

1945 Yon Figeac

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